Liked the new look?

Dec 24, '22

First of all, happy holidays! And also, I'm very happy to know that AI has evolved to a point where it can help me do stuff. Do you see this site? See the way it looks? An AI did it.

Ehhh... more or less, it actually spat raw HTML code at my face, but with that, I was able to make something new from the ground up.

I know that a lot of people are pissed off at AIs (more specifically, Art AIs) but text AIs? It can help you with a loOoOot of stuff! Like, it kinda works like a very patient friend who's very smart.

Yesterday I asked the AI to explain me how do I develop NES games. And... SURPRISINGLY the damn bastard did it. It explained everything to me, step by step, and not only that, it also taught me the progamming language used in those old 80s consoles. (6502 ASM)

I know that books, videos, and tutorials exist. But there's something very "special" about having a machine that not only teaches you stuff, but also gives you fully detailed examples. It feels more personal, you know? Instead of rewinding a video or going back a paragraph, I can just look at its face and say "I didn't understand" and it break concepts into pieces in a way that our rat brains can understand.

Hell, first it started with the artists, teachers will be the next likely target.


Nov 3, '22

Milirats (publically) exists now! What the hell is a Milirats? A Tower Defense game! Simple. However, it does not have a "top-down" perspective of what is generally expected of a Tower Defense game.

It has a 2D side-scrolling perspective, you can either command multiple rats at the same time, or control one of them individually while commanding other rats. Each Rat has a different role and stats. (Ex.: Shotgunner, Submachine Gunner, etc.)

To move one or multiple Rats around the battlefield, use the QWERT/S keys to change the "current state". (Walk Left, Walk Right, Jump Right, Jump Left, and Stop.);

S stands for "Switch", if you click a rat while you're in the "Switch" state, you can control them with the WASD keys and then the mouse (heh) to aim. You can also tell specific rats to move/jump around while in the Switch state.

Uhhh, it's also possible to insert custom flags, and give a new name to your country. So you're not limited to the fictional country of Sudemuridia. I want to make something customizable and versatile like the Worms franchise, more or less. So far, the prototype is functional, the main problem as of now is fixing bugs, and drawing new frames of animation...