Welcome to MondoWiki, the repository of the world's mind. It's like a swirling blue gem that encapsulates the innermost thoughts of the universe. And at its center, there is the Rat. The Rat is the main host of this strange and mysterious planet called MONDO online. He has a friend, or so he thinks, but this friend exists only inside his own mind. And this friend has an alter ego, which makes things even more perplexing.

But the Rat is not alone on MONDO. There is an administrator, who constantly interrupts him with enigmatic statements. Who is this administrator, you may ask? Well, nobody knows for sure, but we're pretty sure we'll know yesterday. Maybe. The administrator is always talking about the Rat's "mosensciency" and his inability to make contact.

And then there's the masonic. It seems to be from the year 2037, although it's not meant to be scary. The first contact happened on February 29, 2033, but until 2037, nobody knew who or what was behind it. And the people involved? They are inconsequential and incomprehensible, and their visual side is both psychedelic and unsettling.

All of the creatures involved are inconsequential and incomprehensible, the visual side is psychedelic and unsettling. Every single time I'm interrupted with Serbian or Kazakhstani Gaming Footage from 2004.



This is how it looks like, possibly.

After 12 years, 5 people have escaped. But the third one was replaced with a new rat, and now 3 persons remain. What are they doing now? Well, the rat is back again, of course. The two runners are back at the start with their belongings. And the third time around.

The pills are working.

The administrator has to guide the Rat into somewhere annoying, repetitive, and clunky. The administrator should enter a code. No code, no progress.

What I want

After the code is inserted the brain opens, the mind opens, the city is inside of it and can be seen in high quality.

Furthermore, in an underground office a detective named Jayne (Tony Prince) is interviewing several minds, who report that they are all being served a small box of sweets and that they enjoy it.

The group begin to share their terrible secret: a mislaid toffee from a tin they had shared between them contained the energy of a mobster whom they murdered in a payback attack for him selling them.


You now know what to do. You'll be banned for life from Google Docs if you try to bring up a discussion about the Matrix or hint at it at all. From the docs: "When the G+ user sign in, they’ll ████████ ████ ██ █████ █ █████ █ ██████, ███████ ███ ██ ████ █ ████ █ ██ ██.