Dong Dong Never Dies (English Patch)

Dong Dong Never Dies is a bizarre Chinese fangame that parodies multiple fighting game franchises, such as Street Fighter and the King of Fighters. The game features digitized sprites that resembles games like Mortal Kombat 1-3. For each character, over 10,000 photos were taken. While the game is not balanced or takes itself seriously at all, it offers has a bunch of weird, over-the-top combos moves to try. The "Story Mode" is fairly simple, you fight against a random list of opponents, and eventually you will fight against the ultimate boss, known as "Biochemical Man". Fans of Vinesauce Joel may already be familiar with this thing. Since no SOUL in this green and blue rotating rock in the middle of nowhere dared to translate this game, I did it myself. Uh, the voice acting is still untouched because I think that if I gave the characters new voices, it would make the game a little bit more cringy. Sorta like 4Kids dubs.